Integrated Risk Management Solutions, LLC

Risk Prevention & Financial Synergy    

Portfolio of Services
Integrated and Earnings Driven Risk Management

  1. Integrated Risk Management processes - capture synergy across prevention, operations and financial functions.
  2. Risk Management as a Service ("RMAS") - Interim risk executive leadership, prioritized material risk assessment and 
  3. team development.  Click here for more information.
  4. Risk Executive Recruitment and Mentoring - Risk executive talent is not easy to find.  We are skilled at recruiting and       development of Risk Management executive talent.
  5. Insurance Program Design - risk transfer, self-funding, captive insurance.  Programs become a cash producer.
  6. Security Systems - physical, personal, network and information protection.  Includes a Seven step process to protect against unseen information security risks.
  7. Revenue Recovery - operations assurance, contract administration, fraud control and prevention. 
  8. Corporate Ethics & Governance - the keys to the Castle and held by corporate culture and employee behavior.
  9. Mergers & Acquisitions Implementation program management & Due Diligence for successful corporate restructures.
  10. Change Management - program management of major corporate initiatives.
  11. Personal Response Plan (PRP) - Click here for more information. 
                                                                              Manage your Risks Well!
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